Boy goes without a haircut for two years to help other children

When Christian McPhilamy was six years old, he saw an advertisement on TV that changed his life.

In the advertisement, Christian saw children being treated for cancer in a hospital.  He noticed that many of the children had no hair. After his mother told him more about the diseases, Christian became determined to help the poor children in his own special way.

Christian decided to let his hair grow out, and went without a haircut for two years. The reason: he wanted to donate his hair to children suffering from cancer. 

Even though he was constantly teased - many kids called him a “girl” - he did not let anything deter him from his plan, enduring until his hair reached the necessary length of 10 inches. There were even some adults who didn't understand why this boy kept his hair so long. Some even offered to give him money for a haircut to “save” him. 

Finally, the big day came. Christian’s hair was long enough. He made four ponytails, cut them off, and gave them to the “Children With Hair Loss” fund. And now his story has spread like a wildfire. The whole world was touched by his eagerness to help.

Christian proved that you can make a difference, even without money. Way to go, Christian!  


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