Family all wears helmets in solidarity with baby who has plagiocephaly

Shayna and Gary Gutierrez are a nice, young couple from Texas.

They are already parents to a three-year-old girl Camila but when their son Jonas was born, the two received some unpleasant news from the doctors: the baby had a severe case of plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome.

"He had an oversized head in the womb," explained his dad. "And he sleeps really well, but he sleeps on that one spot. He was constantly sleeping on it so it just kept getting worse."

This is actually a rather common problem among newborns, which can be easily rectified. In Jonas' case the doctors prescribed him a helmet to help reshape his head. And in solidarity with their four-month-old son, all family members decided to also sport their helmets so Jonas didn't feel out of place! In fact, when the baby was brought home wearing his new hardware, it was actually Camila who first came up with the idea and scurried away to fetch everyone's helmets.

So to make a negative experience a far more pleasant one, the whole family now has a helmet to wear all the time. No matter what activity, whether it's eating, cooking, playing etc., they are now carried out with head protection — all just to make little Jonas feel at ease!

Meanwhile, the baby's treatment is working and his condition is improving day by day.

Let's hope this little baby makes a swift recovery so that everyone can be free of their helmets as soon as possible. What a heartwarming initiative on the part of this family!


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