Finally rescued: Neglected dog almost suffocated on its own fur

Russian animal rights activists were faced with an atrocious sight when they entered an apartment in the city of Novosibirsk, Russia. In the air was the acrid stench of feces. Then they discover an unidentifiable animal that seems to be moving slowly. But what on earth could it be?

What at first glance appeared to be a grotesque monster from a horror movie, was actually a terribly neglected bobtail dog. About a year previously, the animal's owner, a 79-year-old man named Gore Zhdanov, had died. But instead of finding the grieving animal a new home, the relatives who inherited it locked the dog up alone in the apartment.

The animal was given only bare necessities. It received food and water and had access to the balcony to do its business. But that was the extent of the attention the careless relatives gave the poor animal. Meanwhile, they quarrelled about how to divide the inheritance from their deceased relative. While the arguments raged, they had decided to keep the dog in the apartment to help guard the valuables.

When the arguments were finally settled, they decided to sell the apartment and called on animal rights activists to remove the dog.

The dog could hardly move under the weight of its fur. Encrusted in feces and soaked in urine, the stench was horrendous. It took six assistants three hours to free the barely recognizable animal from its matted, dirty fur.

Beneath this thick layer of fur, rescuers were horrified to see numerous abscesses and sores. At the end of the long overdue grooming session, veterinarians had filled four 100-liter trash bags with fur. And because relatives didn't know what the animal's name was, rescuers decided to call him Cococs.

Cococs has since found a new home. His new owner Elena Rivvo keeps Cococs on a special diet to help him recover his health and strength. Elena is also very familiar with this breed of dog, so he will never again be the victim of such extreme neglect. No animal deserves to be treated in such a way and one can only hope that the ignorant relatives receive some kind of punishment for their neglect and selfishness.




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