These pics show just how powerful our genes really are

There's a saying that goes, "You can't escape your roots." For the people in these pictures it couldn't be more true. There are generations and decades between these people, but the connection is undeniable. In some cases, they could easily be mistaken for one another. These pics show just how much of a difference our genes make — talk about a striking resemblance!

Three generations side by side.


 Mother and daughter, both at age 25.


Father (1978) and son (2013).


Grandfather and granddaughter when they were babies.

Mother and daughter.


Like father, like son.


Looks familiar: father on the left, daughter on the right.

Daddy gets his way: on the left is the father when he was six months old. On the right, his son at four months. 

Whether daddy (left) or daughter (right), babies with curls are so sweet.

Double-take: mom and her brother on the left, her own two kids on the right.

The preference for rounded collars isn't the only similarity here.

Fortunately, grandma passed her beautiful smile on down to the next generation.


This hairstyle suits both father and son.


Great-grandfather and great-grandson — hard to believe these are two different people!


Sometimes it has nothing to do with genes — stepmother and stepdaughter!

Father on the left, son on the right.

Mom on the right, daughter on the left. No, wait... other way around! Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Mom (left) and son (right) not only share a resemblance, they both understand the value of a good nap, too!

They even have the same taste in fashion.

Royal genes: the princess becomes queen and her daughter the new princess.

Can you believe these pictures were taken 54 years apart!? Grandmother (right) in 1929. Granddaughter (left) in 1983.

Two generations, one unmistakable smile: father on the left, son on the right.


Some perfect examples that prove the old saying: the apple doesn't fall from from the tree. No denying the resemblances here!


Also hefty