Six-year-old saved by police from horrible neglect

Having children and raising them is one of the most wonderful jobs in life — and one of the most demanding. But tragically, cases of child abuse continue to happen and never fail to shock us. This was certainly the case with the story of Giovanni Eastwood from Johnson County, Texas. In 2010, Giovanni's grandfather reported to the police that Giovanni's mother had a child with Down syndrome whom she was badly abusing. When officials came to the house, they immediately arrested his mother, but they couldn't find her son anywhere.

Until they reached the attic and broke down its door. 

Giovanni was held captive there, sitting on the cold floor. When police saw the six-year-old boy for the first time, chills ran down their spines: he was the size of a three-year-old. He had been starved and was little more than skin and bones. After taking Giovanni in to the precinct they put him on a scale. The result was horrifying: he only weighed 17 lbs.  

Treating one's own child like that is not only inexplicable, it's also a crime. His mother was sentenced to eight years in prison for child abuse. Giovanni had been traumatized on the deepest level and it took a long time until he could trust anyone. He preferred to sleep on the floor as that's apparently what he was used to. When someone raised a hand to give him a high five, he instinctively cried, "Don't hit!" But fortunately, the little boy was adopted by his great-aunt Stacy Eastwood and her husband, Joe.

Within a year you could hardly recognize him: Giovanni finally looked like a strong, healthy boy who laughed and enjoyed life. You could easily see the happiness that he'd found with his adoptive family. 

Today Giovanni is a happy 13-year-old. The police who rescued him came back to visit him after six years and they could hardly believe the transformation: a tiny fragile child on the attic floor had become this lively boy. 

Watch the video to see the whole story of Giovanni's rescue and return to health:

It's unbearable to think of what would have happened if the police hadn't found Giovanni. He couldn't possibly have survived the violence and starvation for much longer. But now instead, he has the peaceful, loving home that every child deserves.


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