Dog with 12 lb. tumor given a new lease on life

This dog was given to an animal shelter. It is the type of shelter where animals are put to sleep if they are not adopted within a few days. This rule even applies to healthy animals staying there. But this particular dog was stricken with a deadly tumor weighing more than 10 pounds!

The Weimaraner was delivered to the shelter with an incredibly large tumor protruding from his stomach. You can only imagine how painful it must have been for the poor animal to carry this foreign body around. He couldn’t even stand up on his own anymore.

The vets estimated that he must have carried this tumor around with him for over a year. It’s unbelievable that he managed to survive with this burden.

Since Weimaraners are a very rare breed, the benevolent society “Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue” took an interest in the dog. The organization specializes in rescuing dogs of this breed.

Despite the good intentions of the organization, the chances were not good for the dog. The organization’s representative had two difficult decisions to make: either to spare the animal from its suffering or to subject it to a likely arduous and dangerous operation without knowing whether the tumor was malignant. And who would cover the exorbitant costs?

They decided to take the dog with them to a clinic and consulted several doctors who, unfortunately, could not make the decision easier. But then something transpired that gave them crystal-clear clarity. After an hour-long examination, the dog stood up and approached his rescuers. The unbridled will to live was burning in his eyes. The decision was clear: he would be operated on! Luckily, his sad tale was able to mobilize enough people so that donations covered the costs.

What's hard to believe is that the tumor ended up weighing 12 pounds and must have grown for an eternity, for Gilbert Grape — as he was newly christened — found it hard to walk without it. His body had obviously adjusted to the weight of the tumor, leading to a malaligned hip.

But nonetheless, Gilbert was happy. Finally, someone had helped him. And with his powerful will, he was set to get through all his treatments and therapies beautifully. In the meantime, he was able to gleefully roll around on his back for the first time in what must be an eternity. These little signs of joy and wellness were reward enough for his helpers.

And as it turns out, Gilbert was even luckier than anyone could have ever expected: Gilbert was adopted and found a new home! Thanks to his rescuers and countless supporters, Gilbert was able to lead a happy and healthy life.

And yet again: valiant helpers were able to save the day when everything seemed hopeless. Unfortunately, this presents the inconvenient question: why must poor animals suffer for so long before something is done about it?

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