Family loses son to leukemia after only 165 days

Oana and her husband Alex from Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland already had a five-year-old daughter named Emma. When Oana became pregnant for the second time, the joy was immense — the couple had been hoping for a second child.

Baby George was the pride of the entire family. But after just three months the family was hit with a shock: their son was diagnosed with leukemia.

His little body had to endure the torture of chemotherapy. Despite this, the little toothless bundle of joy emitted a radiance that could compete with the sun. But soon the doctors gave the family some devastating news: George was not responding well to treatment and didn't have long to live.

For the final two weeks, the entire family moved into a hospice for children in order to accompany the little guy on his last journey. After just 165 days, George's life came to an end. "We were able to let him go peacefully, without pain or fear," recounts his mother Oana. "We saw him go and we sung softly to him and held his little hands as he took his last breath."

Even though George spent so little time on this earth, he has left his mark on his family forever. The loving words of his mother describe the joy and the pain that her little angel brought her.

"George’s life made us better people and his death in a way as well. Life is now much harder, but now we try to enjoy it to the fullest. He was loved and always will be. He lived just 5 months and in this time Georgie taught us patience, courage, and love. Above all, he taught us to value every moment that we have on this planet."

Even if George’s family is mourning everyday, they are thankful for each invaluable moment that they were able to spend with their baby. They would never trade those 165 days of life for anything else in the world.


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