Couple have twins after losing two sons in tragic accident

Unsuspecting of the terror awaiting them, pastor Gentry Eddings from North Carolina was driving home with his wife Hadley from a family wedding. A truck suddenly lost control on the highway and came hurtling towards their car, causing a horrific accident that cost young lives and resulted in an astonishing coincidence two years later.

The Eddings were traveling with their two children; their eldest son, two-year-old Dobbs, died during the accident. Though their unborn child, Reed, initially survived, the force of the impact had induced labor. Sadly, the Eddings' new-born son passed away two days after an emergency C-section.

The 28-year-old truck driver was charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and sent to prison. According to investigators, the young man had been distracted at the wheel. After sentencing, the driver apologized to the couple for the anguish that he had caused.

All of these events happened in 2015. But two years later, Gentry and Hadley had a surprise: she was pregnant — with twins! They were expecting two boys.

Though delighted with the news and feeling as though they had been redeemed, the Eddings were also experiencing mixed emotions.

"We cry a lot," Hadley said. "We don't want people to think that we are great and we don't cry and we are happy, because that is not what it is like. There is a million emotions. It is just all at once sometimes."

Despite the pain they've had to go through, the Eddings have publicly forgiven the truck driver. "We hope to be holding hands with you in heaven with our children," the couple said.

In memory of their deceased brothers, the twins were named Isaiah Dobbs and Amos Reed. "We are excited that Dobbs and Reed are going to be big brothers to twins! We are so thankful for our family and so many friends who have prayed for us and cheered us on our way. We're rejoicing, and thank Jesus for these two precious little ones," Hadley said.

After such a tragic loss, the couple will hopefully go on to enjoy a wonderful life with their two new arrivals — some may even call it a small miracle.


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