10 very unusual in-flight moments

When's the last time you flew? Were you annoyed to find the Economy seats even smaller than you remembered? Or surprised by the 80-year-old lady next to you ordering a gin and tonic? 

Well, see how it compared to what these ten passengers experienced! Check out their travails:

1. This guy is sitting next to his panda. At least they’re in the emergency exit row…!?

What eats shoots and leaves on a plane?

2. Is this normal for Russian planes…?

in russia plane flights you

3. Apparently this guy drank a whole bottle of something strong and started shouting that the plane was going to crash, trying to touch the women next to him, and fighting with the men who tried to calm him down. In the end they had to tie him down to keep him quiet.

But he still made as much hullabaloo as he could for the remaining four hours of the flight. Yep, he was really popular.

This is what happens when you drink a whole bottle of duty free alcohol and then board a plane...

4. Someone’s going to wake up with back pain and a serious crick in her neck…

Saw this lady on the plane...

5. “Hush little baby, don’t say a word…”

So this happened on a flight to New York

6. Looks like the flight attendant came in a hurry.

The flight attendant rushed out of the bathroom

7. Uh-oh, someone’s landing with a hangover.

Woke up from sleeping on a plane to this.

8. Is there a mirror on the seat?

Thought my flight had mirrors in the back of the seats

9. Remember Hugo from “Lost”? Considering what happened there, better not be on the same flight… with him or his doppelganger!

Hurley from Lost is on my flight to LAX. The plane in Lost was on its way to LAX. I think this means I'm F*ed.

10. This poor girl spent the eight-hour flight like this. I hope whoever took the picture didn’t have to go to the bathroom!

Sat next to this my whole flight

So next time you sit back to enjoy your flight, take a moment to be grateful nothing this crazy is happening. Or if it is, at the very least take a photo for posterity! ;-)


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