Rescue mission: Cat frozen to the ground saved by helpful couple

This Russian couple made a very shocking discovery in the snow and ice that covered their front yard: a shivering, ice-covered cat sitting motionless on the ground. When they went out to help the cat, they noticed that it was stuck in a frozen puddle and couldn't move!

Youtube/Булат Баранова

With some warm water they attempted to free the feline from its icy bondage, but the right front paw just wouldn't come free.

Youtube/Булат Баранова

Normally cats are not fond of water, but this one didn't seem bothered as they soaked its paws, obviously sensing that this was its only chance for survival. With ever more water and lots of scraping with their fingers, the couple finally managed to free the cat from the icy ground. 

Youtube/Булат Баранова

They quickly wrapped the cat in a thick blanket and brought it into their warm house. The chilled feline was perhaps a little bit shocked, but otherwise unharmed.

Youtube/Булат Баранова

Fortunately for this cat there were some animal lovers there to save it. Was it just luck, or do cats really have nine lives?


Daily Mail 


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