Young woman dies in horrible accident during photo shoot

Fredzania Thompson from Navasota, Texas, was 19 and knew what she wanted in life: to become a model. She was studying on an athletic scholarship, but was planning leave college to devote herself to her passion.

Fredzania had recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Darnell Chatman, and had happily discovered that she was four weeks pregnant. The young couple were overjoyed and looking forward to the future until a terrible twist of fate changed everything.

Fredzania wanted to expand her modeling portfolio, so she went with a friend to do a photo shoot on the train tracks passing through Navasota. During the session, she saw a freight train approaching at high speed. The train driver blew the horn to warn them and even activated the emergency brakes. Luckily, Fredzania heard it and was able to get out of the way of that train.

But what Fredzania didn't notice was the other train coming in the opposite direction. The driver of that train had also blown the horn and pulled the emergency brake, but Fredzania was so focused on the train she was looking at, she didn't notice. While moving out of the way of the train she was facing, she crossed the other track and was struck by the other train. Her friend escaped unscathed, but Fredzania was killed instantly.

"Basically, you have two railroad tracks there, one is Burlington Northern to the west and one is Union Pacific to the east, and she was in between the two tracks," explained Shawn Myatt, Navasota Assistant City Manager.

Fredzania's death came as a shock to the whole community. A combination of carelessness and bad luck had taken one of their most promising young women. Her brothers and her fiancé were devastated when they heard what had happened. Fredzania died on March 10, only three days before her 20th birthday.

The family has already held the funeral and celebrated Fredzania's birthday. Ceremonies were performed at the cemetery and the location of the horrible tragedy. We wish the family strength in this trying time and hope that they will be able to come to terms with their tragic loss. Fredzania is gone, but her memory will live on and her story will hopefully serve as a warning to others not to take any chances when near railroad tracks.


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