Irish artist is captivated by something he sees every day: rain.

Think this is a photo taken through a car windshield on a rainy day?

You might be surprised to learn that it's actually a painting. This amazing artist is able to capture moving water in a way that can trick even the most discerning eye.

Allow us to introduce Francis McCrory, the master of rain. 

He comes from Ireland, where he sees his fair share of rain! This might explain why rain is a recurring subject in his art. 

We all know scenes like these. The very first drops of rain letting us know we're about to see some action.

Like this, for example.

Until you're wishing your car's windshield wipers had an even faster setting.

Here is the artist’s studio, a place where the rain is always falling. 

McCrory is still at the start of his career, but his talents are clearly praiseworthy. His work is truly amazing and can play tricks on even the sharpest eyes. 

If there's too much sunshine in your part of the world, perhaps you'd like to bring a little rain inside with one of his paintings?


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