Man tries to kidnap a baby in the middle of a supermarket

Florence Monauer from Houston, Texas and her daughter Emery do almost everything together and that includes trips to the local supermarket. But in October 2016, while they were out picking up groceries, something very strange and frightening happened to them. 

As usual, Florence put Emery in the kid’s seat of the shopping cart and began wheeling through the aisles. But what started as a routine trip to the grocery store soon took a strange turn when Florence turned her back for a moment to take something from the shelf. When she turned around again she saw a complete stranger holding her baby in his arms. At first Florence thought that it was just someone being a bit too friendly, but when the man said, "I wanted to take you when your mom wasn’t looking," Florence knew that she was dealing with someone who was potentially dangerous. She quickly took her baby away from the man and soon other customers came to see what was going on. When he realized that he had drawn too much attention, the stranger quickly fled the scene.


Fortunately the security camera filmed the whole incident and police are now looking for this possible child abductor. Florence has since shared her story on Facebook in order to warn other parents of the potential danger. In her account she stresses the importance of the seat cushion she had used in the shopping cart which had made it more difficult for the man to take Emery out and gave her more time to react. If it hadn’t been for that cushion, Florence believes that the man may have actually succeeded in abducting her daughter.

You can watch the whole scene in this video:

It’s a frightening story that hopefully reminds all parents to keep a close eye on their children at all times. And most importantly, for Florence and Emery, it is a story with a happy ending.



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