Viewer saves reality TV star's life

Reality TV has been around for a while now; from "Survivor" to "The Bachelor," reality shows are some of the most-watched programs on television today. But something wild recently happened off the screen for the hosts of the HGTV show "Flip or Flop. " The show trails Tarek and Christina El Moussa as they renovate and resell homes around California — so-called "flipping" — and also touches on the hosts' private lives.

They are both really upbeat in the show, but life hasn't always been rosy for these two. Back in 2013, a nurse was watching the program when she noticed a suspicious lump on Tarek's throat.

YouTube/ Inside Edition

She immediately sent an email to the show's production team, suggesting Tarek visit a doctor ASAP. He ended up going to the hospital and thank goodness he did: it turns out he had stage 2 (of 4) thyroid cancer. Tarek finally connected the dots of funny symptoms he'd been having for a long time such as a cough and sore throat. He'd always just blamed the cough on his heavy smoking.

Tarek, Christina, and their daughter were scared that Tarek wouldn't make it through his treatments. He underwent emergency surgery to remove his thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes. He also had to have radiation treatment. All his treatments had serious consequences for the young family; Tarek was told he'd no longer be able to have children afterwards, so they decided to freeze some of his sperm since the couple had planned to continue growing their family.

After several miscarriages, Christina became pregnant via in vitro fertilization. Two years after receiving his initial diagnosis, Tarek became a father to a son, Brayden James.

Tarek got a chance to meet his "savior" Ryan on a talk show after he'd completed his treatments. The once ill man was convinced that if she hadn't been watching so intently, he'd never gone to the doctor's appointment and most likely would've caught the cancer too late.

The couple is delighted with how things have worked out and are hopeful that the cancer will never return. It really goes to show you that it might not be a bad idea to run any funny symptoms by your doctor now and again. You won't always get this lucky and it's best to catch cancer right away.


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