Heartwarming video: Fisherman rescues kitten from drowning

At the harbor in Lebu, Chile, a little orange kitten fell into the water. Helpless and panicking, it paddled between fishing boats but couldn't keep its head above water. The fishermen tried throwing it a line to fish it out. But the tiny feline had run out of strength. And he would have drowned if one of the men hadn't taken action:

He stripped down to his underwear and dove into the water. In a few strokes he'd reached the sinking kitten and moments later, he handed over the shivering, dripping bundle to his colleagues, who quickly dried it off. 

The wee orange fur ball had to be nursed back to health after its close call in the harbor but now it's looking for a new home. This little guy is so cute, he's sure to find a family all of his own soon — in the meantime at least he has the brotherhood of the fishermen who saved his life!


24 Horas


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