Fifteen hilarious fashion fails that will leave you in stitches

Sometimes when we're in a rush or simply in the mood for buying something impuslively, we end up with a piece of clothing that looks a lot different at home than it did in the store. It's one thing if it simply doesn't fit the way we hoped or doesn't quite match our shoes, but what happened to these 15 people is a lot worse than that. These tasteless garments take fashion fails to a whole new level...

1. The "Dangling" Tower of Pisa?


2. This is one flower you probably don't want to take a whiff of...


3. With this bikini every day seems like "that time of the month."


4. It might take a second to notice the phallic shape around the neck... but then you won't be able to not see it!


5. Undershirt or underwear?


6. Nothing like an anatomically-correct unicorn sweater to spice up your wardrobe.


7. Looks like this designer skipped geography class.


8. I think they're supposed to be flowers... 


9. Looks cute until you put it on... then it looks like it's been run over by a car!


10. This seemingly harmless pattern hides a naughty secret...


11. Believe it or not, these are supposed to be hamburgers...

12. What is that peaking out from between the buildings?

13. I thought Santa only crawled into chimneys?

14. A heart seen at that angle takes on a whole new meaning...

15. Emoticons are fun... but be careful where you place them!


Let's hope these 15 impulsive shoppers remembered to get a receipt! And you can bet the salespeople will have a good laugh when they hear their reasons for returning this stuff.




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