Shocking images show sacrifice made by injured soldiers

For most people, the war is over when the last shot has been fired and the final soldier has returned home. Yet many don't know that the end is actually far from sight for those involved. As well as the memories, soldiers often return from the battlefield with horrific injuries that change their life and the lives of their families forever. That's why photographers like David Jay and James Nachtwey have taken it upon themselves to capture this heartbreaking reality. These images depicting veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns are sure to remain firmly etched in your memory.

This is a truly striking set of images that shows the lasting effects of war, even after hostilities have ended. Like many others, these soldiers may have returned from duty, but it doesn't mean they've moved on from the horrors of the front line. These veterans will carry the burdens of war with them forever despite being back on home soil.


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