Horrible: Carriage horse collapses from exhaustion in Central Park

Horse-drawn carriages in Manhattan are a favorite among tourists who want to enjoy a tour of the city. But conditions under which the horses work have also resulted in increasing pressure on the city to end the practice. An example the harsh reality behind the idyllic facade was revealed when a horse named Max recently collapsed in the middle of the road from exhaustion. Pictures of Max lying on the asphalt in front of the carriage show a horse that has obviously been extremely overworked.

The photos were taken by tourists passing by...

Activists from a group called "NYCLASS" have been trying to get horse-drawn carriages banned from the inner city. They use disturbing photos like these to bring attention to the animals' suffering.

"Horses don't just collapse. Something happened," commented John Collins, a spokesperson for the group. "They should conduct an immediate investigation into the health and whereabouts of this horse, including allowing an independent vet to examine the animal," he added. 

The driver of the carriage, Chris Amanus, said that Max had recently been fitted with new shoes and they had probably caused the horse to stumble. Chris has 20 years of experience driving a carriage and knows that this is not uncommon. He also pointed out that, after resting for a few minutes, Max was able to stand up and had no injuries from the fall. 

One can only hope that Max really didn't get hurt and that he'll get the rest — or the better-fitting shoes — he so obviously needs.


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