Horrific tick bite paralyzes 3-year-old girl

Amanda Lewis from La Grande, Oregon uploaded a disturbing video on Facebook showing her 3-year-old daughter with her father Lantz. The young girl was acting strangely and kept falling over when Lantz tried to get her to stand up.


"We had a little bit of a scary morning today, […] but I wanted to share this so the rest of you are aware," Amanda posted on Facebook.

Her daughter started acting in a peculiar way during bathtime the evening before. Evelyn didn't want to stand up to put on her pajamas. She became fractious, prompting her mother to watch over her for the entire night.

The couple started to worry when their 3-year-old daughter was no longer able to stand up on her own two feet the next morning.

Lantz had suffered from a rare brain tumor that is more likely to be found in children. The cancer was discovered while he was serving his country in the Marine Corps. Could it be that his illness runs in the family? This is what everybody suspected.

"This morning she was having a hard time standing. She could barely walk or crawl, and could hardly use her arms. […] We decided to take her into the ER, […] because her symptoms were getting worse, and given Lantz's history with cancer we were quite concerned,", Amanda continued.

Amanda and Lantz then took their daughter to the critical care unit. The doctor's examination determined the reason for Evelyn's partial paralysis.


The doctor explained that he had treated a handful of children showing similar symptoms over the past 15 years and suspected that an infection was the cause. He was right: the partial paralysis was due to a dog tick found in her hair.

Wikipedia/Dermacentor variabilis/Sam Droege/CC BY 2.0

It can be dangerous when this sort of bite isn't treated quickly enough. Within days, the paralysis can worsen until the person is no longer able to breathe, resulting in death.

Wikipedia/American Dog Tick (Dermacentor variabilis)/Jerry Kirkhart/CC BY 2.0

Once the tick was removed, the young girl already started feeling better the following day. Itchiness around the bite was Evelyn's only complaint over the next few days.

The following video from Amanda's Facebook shows how bad the effects of the paralysis were:

"She's now back to her happy old self," Amanda wrote recently on Facebook. This ordeal had a happy ending, but this issue shouldn't be taken lightly in tick season and parents should be aware of the dangers.


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