Special project in Seattle brings kids and senior citizens together

Two worlds have collided in a retirement home in Seattle. Every day the 400 senior citizens who call Providence Mount St. Vincent their home are subjected to the laughing, singing, and chatter of a group of local toddlers — and they're loving every minute of it! They are all part of a very special project which has integrated a preschool into the retirement home and brought the very young together with the very old. Together these distant generations do arts and crafts, sing songs, tell stories, or make sandwiches for the homeless. The little whippersnappers receive a ton of attention and learn how to help older people with disabilities. In turn, the seniors in the retirement home, who often suffer from loneliness and depression as they age, feel useful again. Here is the trailer for the film Present Perfect that Evan Briggs is producing about this very unique idea...

Combining a retirement home with a kindergarten was a brilliant idea. It is beautiful to see that such a place actually exists — hopefully this idea will catch on and we'll see more of these in the years to come. Share this story with everyone you know who needs something uplifting to brighten their day.


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