Video: 17-year-old Australian adoptee gives moving X-Factor performance

Emmanuel Kelly was born in Iraq in the heat of the war turmoil. He and his brother were born with underdeveloped limbs and were abandoned by their mother in a cardboard box. A nun found them and took them to a local orphanage. 4 years later they met Moira Kelly, an Australian woman who was meant to accompany them to the land down under for medical treatment. But over the course of the journey Moira fell in love with the boys and decided to adopt them. Now, 17 years later, Emmanuel is a warm-hearted, happy teen with some serious talent - this boy can sing! The judges and audience were completely blown away when he began singing John Lennon's "Imagine" on the Australian TV show "X-Factor."

He moved everyone to tears! This boy was given a second chance at life and now he has the chance to wow the world with his gifts.


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