Woman with Downs finds her calling after an office skills workshop

When Emma was born, her mother Jo Lynam was anxious about her future. Born with a cleft palate, hearing loss, mild autism, and Down syndrome, Jo was worried that Emma would never have a normal life.  The odds certainly seemed stacked against her.

ABC Open North Queensland / Vimeo

"Emma is a beautiful 21-year-old, who loves music, loves to dance, and happens to have Down syndrome," Jo mused. "If Emmy could read or write, everything would be all right. But she can't. She can't read or write." However, when she participated in an office skills program, it turned out she was the perfect candidate for a job that most people would dread:

Jo thinks it's important for everyone to be able to stand on their own two feet and be a part of the community. In the end, we all want to contribute. And to top it all off: what a great name! Emma has such a great sense of humor.

Here is the Master Shredder herself in front of the company car. Sometimes all it takes is for one person to give someone a chance.

Emma certainly is an inspiration! Beautiful to see the way the job has brought her out of her shell and given her such self-confidence. If only everyone thought a little more open-mindedly about how those with disabilities can contribute. It sure is a great feeling that everyone deserves to have!


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