Mother posts moving photos of her dead baby

Emma Fairbairn had imagined that everything would be perfect. The young Englishwoman was six months pregnant and was excitedly looking forward to the birth of her little son. He was developing well and Emma could hardly wait to hold him in her arms. That is until the fateful day, when a single second would change her future forever.

Emma was involved in a serious car accident. The emergency services were quickly on the scene and immediately took Emma to the hospital, where she stayed overnight for observation. Naturally, Emma was very worried, but in the ambulance she still felt her baby kicking. The next morning, she was due to be examined by a midwife.

It was then she received the news no mother should ever have to hear: her baby no longer had a heartbeat. The midwife could detect no signs of life. Emma felt as though the ground had fallen away from beneath her feet. And the midwife had even worse news: Emma would still have to give birth to her dead child.

On May 28, 2017, it was time: Emma brought her tiny son Flynn into the world. He weighed just 1 lb 6 oz and would never open his eyes. But nevertheless, Emma loved him more than anything and posted pictures of him on Facebook and wrote these moving words:

"These past 27 hours have been the worst of my life. Just knowing he's gone and I'm never going to see him open his eyes or cry or watch him take his first steps, nothing. His poor little body couldn't take the pain or stress from the horrific crash yesterday and there was nothing I could do to save him when my body was meant to keep him safe, and up until late last night I thought it had. Rest in peace my beautiful baby boy."

Her pictures really hit home. No mother should have to live through this.

Hopefully, Emma will be able to come to terms with her loss. For her, it's important to say a proper farewell to her son and to be able to grieve. Fortunately, she has a loving family and friends to support her in that.



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