Uncomfortable: Woman needs medics to remove sex toy

When Emily Georgia from East Preston in England went to the hospital, she was far more worried than ashamed.

The 20-year-old had a long night behind her and so much had already gone wrong. In the course of the evening, her partner had gone too far while using a sex toy — with disastrous consequences.

He had placed a stainless steel butt plug in her anus, but then accidentally pushed it in too far. The four-inch toy with a jewel set in its base disappeared inside her.

After trying unsuccessfully to get the toy out by hand, Emily's one-night stand showed that not only could he not be trusted with sex toys, he couldn't be trusted to help when things went wrong. He suggested it would "naturally work its way out" and then left, saying he had to work early the next day. Emily was left to deal with her awkward predicament on her own.

A few anxious hours later, Emily had to accept that nothing was working and that she needed medical help. Her roommate took her to the hospital where she wrote down her problem on a piece of paper because she was too embarrassed to say it out loud. The woman behind the desk reassured her, saying it happens a lot more often than people think and she'd heard worse.

Emily had to wait three hours for an X-ray and then had to wait until the next day for a one-hour operation to remove the plug.

The X-ray showed just how urgent and necessary the procedure was. The plug was already dangerously close to Emily's intestinal wall and the doctors had told her the sharp edges of the fake gem in the base could cause serious internal injuries.

With the help of a tiny camera, the doctors were able to see inside Emily's intestine exactly where the toy had gone. They were able to remove it without cutting her open which prevented the need for a temporary colostomy bag.

Emily said, "It's not as embarrassing as it seems — people at A&E see things like this all the time and will have seen far worse things up people's rectums. The hospital staff were amazing — they were so funny and never once made me feel uncomfortable, that's why I find it so easy to talk about."

Emily is very relieved to be free of the unwelcome intruder and is using the internet to encourage others experiencing similar misfortune to seek professional help quickly.

Because after all, something that's meant to be just a bit of harmless fun really shouldn't end with you needing a colostomy bag.


Daily Mail


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