Woman guided to dead sister's cellphone in dream

A terrible accident turned the lives of the Clark family upside down. After being deeply affected by this tragic incident, daughter Hailey, mother Kathy and father Craig then discovered something unbelievable six months later.

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In 2015, Hailey's 20-year-old sister Emily was involved in a horrific car crash that ended her life. Emily had been on her way to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah, Georgia, with four other student nurses for their last day of clinical training.

The multiple-vehicle collision left their car completely destroyed — none of the five girls survived. Upon hearing about the accident, Hailey and her parents Kathy and Craig were devastated. After the initial shock, Hailey wondered whether Emily's cellphone had survived the impact.

Knowing that Emily had been a passionate photographer, there would be some consolation for the parents in finding photos of their beloved daughter on the device.

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While her parents were convinced that the phone was destroyed, Hailey had a feeling that it could still be found. Kathy and Craig also soon changed their minds when something incredible happened:

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Hailey had a dream about her sister, finding out that the cellphone hadn't been destroyed. It was as if Emily was guiding her sister from beyond the grave. "I could see the phone. It was at the crash site," said Hailey.

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Hailey and her father drove the to the scene of the tragedy, but didn't find anything there. This made what happened six months later all the more surprising: the police called the family to tell them that Emily's phone had been found at the crash site and handed in.

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"It definitely brings joy to our hearts. It was like she came alive," said dad Craig.

Watch the following video for more information on this incredible story:

Though the finding won't be able to make up for their tragic loss, Emily's photos will at least provide her family with some comfort in this extremely difficult time.


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