A real life Batman befriends a special girl in need of his help

Chris and Lisa Gardner were beside themselves with joy when they learned that they were pregnant with their first child. But what they thought would be a routine ultrasound quickly turned into a daily and perpetual nightmare for the two parents.

Chris was diagnosed with a hereditary disease when he was a child. He knew the risks involved with having a child, but he and Lisa decided to go through with their plans. Who could blame any married couple for wanting to eternalize their love in the form of a child? And to their surprise: Lisa became pregnant!

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But everything changed on an afternoon in 2004. During an appointment to rule out the possibility of their baby inheriting the disease, they were brought into the doctor’s office. What the doctor said next shattered their world.

“We were very bluntly told that our child had no arms, lobster claw hands, possible Down syndrome and scrambled toes.”

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The following Tuesday, the couple drove hours to Philadelphia for further medical tests. “Needless to say, that weekend was the hardest of our lives as we faced the unknown.” That Tuesday, Lisa underwent a series of grueling and exhausting tests, bringing her to the brink of her emotional and physical endurance.

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The two met with a team of genetics at the end of the day, which was when their tragedy became even worse: “They told us they thought the baby had TAR syndrome (Thrombocytopenia Absent Radii).” The chances were not good for the little unborn baby: the doctors gave them an ultimatum, an abortion was only possible within the next 48 hours. Otherwise, the baby would have to be brought to term.

“We were scared, confused and just plain overwhelmed. We knew in our hearts God chose us for a reason to have this child and it was our responsibility to walk by faith and follow through." 

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And four months later a miracle happened: Elizabeth Faith was born on December 16th, 2004 via a Cesarean section. Elizabeth was born without any ligaments in her knees and severe bowing in both legs. Nevertheless, she was the most beautiful sight that the parents could have ever seen. But the joy only lasted momentarily as Elizabeth was immediately brought into intensive care. She is born with just 7,000 platelets (versus a normal 150,000). Any bruise could have killed her.

Over the next 18 months, Elizabeth spent most of her time in the hospital. “We spent countless days and nights there for various procedures, infections, viruses, and multiple platelet and whole blood transfusions.” Since 2007, Elizabeth has had eight surgeries on both her legs as well as multiple casts, splints, braces and other procedures. Despite the horrible ordeal and countless procedures, Elizabeth began to pull through, starting to live a normal life, something she had wished for since she was a baby. But, she was still tormented and bullied by children at school because of her deformities as her legs continued to make it difficult for her to walk…

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But, five years later everything changed on one fateful day in August, 2013 as a car pulled up in front of the hospital and a caped figure emerged. The kids couldn't believe their eyes. It was Batman!

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Lenny Robinson was a self-made businessman from Maryland who made millions with a cleaning business he started as a teenager. He began visiting hospitals in 2001 dressed as Batman and has since invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into the gig. For over a decade, Lenny has sped around the Mid-Atlantic performing acts of charities for children’s causes all over.


When Elizabeth Garner got to see the caped crusader, she was overwhelmed with joy. She explained that she was "happy to be his friend". Having a superhero as a friend, someone she could trust, made Elizabeth feel like she could do anything. But sadly, not all was right in Gotham City. 

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Elizabeth told Batman that she was being bullied by other kids at school because of her deformities. “They don’t believe that Batman is my friend,” she explained to him. So the superhero decided to take matters into his own hands: donned in his full equipment, including utility belt, Batman made an appearance at a school assembly to teach the children how bad bullying is. During the assembly he called Elizabeth up on stage and gave her a special Batman necklace to let the other kids know that he was on her side. “Elizabeth,” he announced, “is my friend.”

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After the assembly, the two sat across from each other behind the stage. The following moment was one of incredible vulnerability for the superhero. “I wish I could be more like you,” he told her. But Elizabeth shook her head in dismay as it was HER turn to comfort the hero. “That won’t do,” she said. “You’re your own person.”

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Later in 2013, Lizzie did the unthinkable. Lizzie was able to participate in the annual Save-A-Limb Walk in Baltimore, Maryland. At 10:57:26 AM on October 19, 2013 she crossed the finish line: it was the first mile she had ever walked on her own. 

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Sadly, Lenny Robinson passed away in a car accident while on his way to a hospital visit. Here is the video of him from 2012 being pulled over in his Batmobile which made him an instant internet star. Millions have expressed their sadness, including James Franco.

Lenny Robinson lived the life of a true hero with total sacrifice and selflessness and in the end he died doing what he did best: being a true caped crusader on the way to helping others. If the story of this ultimate heroic duo also touched and impressed you as much as it did me, then share this untold story of this local hero known around the world as the real life Batman.


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