Mother uses dildo as chew toy for baby and faces outrage

This case from Russia has left parents from all over the world stunned. The mother of a baby that was screaming because it was teething decided to stick a dildo in its mouth, which she had just covered with a condom. She was so convinced of her idea that she immediately put up the video on the internet:

Massive outrage on social media ensued and the 30-year-old was insulted and threatened: "She should be taken away from the baby and put on a psychiatric ward for the rest of her life," was one of the comments. The Russian woman, Ekaterina Karimova, tried to defend herself by arguing: "I was told to give him something made of silicone to chew on... I had a dildo at home ... a small one, not a big one."


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The authorities were alerted to the mother's conduct and the child has been placed under their supervision for the time being. Ekaterina Karimova was indeed sent to a psychiatric clinic where the young woman was diagnosed with a personality disorder. After she gave birth to her child, the Russian woman had also posted the following message: "I gave birth to the baby on January 8. They took the baby out of me and it did not look like me. It was an accident — I was knocked up."

In order to regain custody of her son, the 30-year-old first has to face charges in court.




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