Baby returns to life after being stillborn

No one was prepared for what would happen on this particular afternoon in September. A mother, Prescila, was in the throes of labor, surrounded by her obstetrician, Dr. Sanchez, and some close family members.

Sadly, it appeared that Prescila had suffered a stillbirth. When Dr. Sanchez delivered the child, the infant showed no signs of life, probably due to complications that arose while the baby was still in its mother's womb. The mother was two weeks past her due date. However, Dr. Sanchez was not going to give up. She couldn't stand to turn to the mother or other family members waiting in the hall and break the tragic news.

Facebook/Drolah Sanchez

So the doctor got to work. She tried to revive the baby in every way she knew how, but nothing seemed to be working. Her hope was waning. She gave the newborn CPR for more than 15 minutes. She was beginning to think that the situation was hopeless. But something inspired the doctor to keep trying.

After 25 minutes of rubbing the baby's back, something incredible happened: the infant opened her eyes and took her first breath!

The doctor can't explain what happened that afternoon. It was simply miraculous.

Sanchez, who apparently was considering giving up her work as a doctor, changed her mind. She took this spectacular event as a sign and was rededicated to saving lives.

The family decided to name the baby Maria Teresa. What a beautiful miracle for this doctor and the family.


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