This tattoo artist changes one special customer's body art every week

Jason Ward is a tattoo artist at the Muscle and Ink tattoo parlor in Hamilton, New Zealand. He's seen all sorts of different customers come into the shop, but none like Suzie. One Friday, she walked into the shop, placed a pile of temporary tattoos on the front desk, and asked him to apply them for her. Some people might think her request was a bit silly, but Jason knew that only a few minutes of kindness would make a huge difference in her day, so he obliged. 

Jason's kindness did make a huge difference. Since that first visit, Suzie comes back for more tattoos every Friday. Suzie attends a vocational day center and loves to show off her temporary body art there. Getting new art done is the highlight of her week, and maybe Jason's too.

It only takes a couple of minutes of your time to make someone else's life just a little better. We need more caring people like Jason in this world. Share this story and spread the love!


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