Astonishing: Man with two penises describes his sex life

Sometimes nature follows strange paths. An American man in his mid-20s, who wishes to remain anonymous, was born with a very rare defect. The reason behind his wish for privacy is not surprising.


His pseudonym reveals his secret: "DoubleDickDude" or "DiphallicDude." DDD was born with two functioning penises, a genital deformity known as Diphallia that affects roughly one in 5.5 million newborn boys in the United States. Still, DDD has revealed what it means to be different.

In 2014, under his pseudonym, he answered a lot of questions about his sex life and his adolescence. "I can't give an exact moment when I knew I was different — when my parents said I was special for having two penises and that I should not tell anyone, I trusted them."


For a long time, DDD could pass himself off as a normal young man. "After puberty and my growth spurt, my condition was something I continued to keep hidden — wearing briefs under my boxer shorts and never stripping naked in the locker room."

It was only at the end of his time at school that it became known that he had been born with two penises. "Only two people from school ever saw them, my girlfriend, who I'd lost my virginity to, and a friend."

He says, "She didn't freak out or have any negative reaction, but after rumors spread — undoubtedly from her — my friend stuck up for me and was consequently branded gay by bullies, as was I."

His father supported him 100%. "My dad was an amazing man, god rest his soul — I wish so many other dads were as compassionate, loving and accepting as he was."

Despite — or perhaps because of — his particular anatomy, DDD had a varied sex life. "I got tired of having one-night stands and wanted a relationship. When I went public in 2014, I was in a committed polyamorous relationship with a couple I'd met — a man and woman — and before long, the three of us became a 'throuple.'"


"We lasted for a little more than two years or so and since then, I've been enjoying single life."

As a bisexual he's seen the reactions of both sexes when they become intimate with him. In his experience, it's harder to predict how women will react. On the other hand, men are always shocked and then fascinated, which is why he has had more unexpected sexual encounters with men — even straight ones — than women.

He can use both penises to urinate and ejaculate. However, this is uncomfortable for him and is one of the disadvantages of his physique. Another problem is that both members stimulate his prostate, which means he suffers from an excess of seminal fluid production.


"My prostate gets inflamed if I don't ejaculate enough — I'm probably the only guy with a legitimate reason to orgasm at least once every day."

DDD wishes to remain anonymous and has even given away the profits from his book. He is convinced that it isn't a problem to be different, and by all accounts seems to have his life well under control.

Anyone who wants to can find uncensored photos on his Twitter account.



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