Video: Cheetah approaches napping man, curls up next to him

Dolph Volker is an animal lover who has a special fondness for cheetahs. During the summers of 2014 and 2015, Dolph volunteered at the South African non-profit organization Cheetah Experience, which specializes in breeding cheetahs.

It was there that Dolph met Eden, a very friendly and gentle three-year-old female cheetah. 


You could say that it was love at first sight: from the moment Eden met Dolph she didn’t want to leave his side. 


One day when Dolph was napping under a tree, Eden did something extraordinary: she crept toward him, lay down and, after a little grooming, snuggled up and fell asleep herself.


After waking up he captured her (sometimes dangerous!) affection in this adorable video:

Cheetahs are usually fierce predators and are the fastest land animals in the world. Here though, we get to see another aspect of these gorgeous felines: their affectionate side. Eden has warmed the heart of cuddling fans all over the world since Dolph uploaded this video in 2015.

He is convinced, meanwhile, that you can build a relationship with animals by napping with them. Here’s a photograph of his theory in action:

Let’s hope Dolph continues to pursue his passion for befriending these beautiful creatures and makes more videos soon so we can share in his experience!


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