Anatomically correct baby doll shocks unsuspecting parents

The well-loved toy store chain, Toys "R" Us brought out a baby doll for its American market that led to angry protests and brought down the wrath of countless parents on the company.

The doll is more anatomically correct than stated on the packaging. When you undress it, you see an unexpected amount of attention to detail.

Critics argue that the toy is unnecessarily sexualized and doesn't belong in children's hands.

Others say that nothing about a baby's body is embarrassing or sexual, therefore, there is no reason why little boys and girls shouldn't play with anatomically correct dolls.

Toys "R" Us is not the first toy manufacturer that has produced anatomically correct dolls — as long ago as 1976, Archie Bunker sold a similar doll that is popular with collectors even today.

Maybe the manufacturers should print a clearer warning on the packing. Then, parents can decide for themselves what kind of toys they are comfortable giving to their children.


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