Two completely neglected dogs found in trash

Some people out for a walk in Kamp-Lintfort in North Rhein-Westphalia, Germany came across a horrific sight: someone had abandoned two cocker spaniels and left them in a box at a waste disposal site. The animals had been completely neglected. In fact, they were so mangy and covered with their own vomit that at first it was difficult to identify them as dogs at all.

The dogs' legs were so covered with matted hair that they could hardly bend them or stand properly. Rescuers were able to see that the black and white spaniel was a male, but his companion was so tightly wound in its mangy coat that at first it wasn't clear whether it was male or female.

The animals were brought to a shelter and carefully shaved to remove all of the filthy mange that covered their bodies. When it was done, the amount of fur that had been cut off weighed more than the dogs themselves! Both were also extremely underweight and completely infested with parasites, but they were also fighters and managed to survive the ordeal.

Free from their hairy bondage, the two cocker spaniels have undergone an amazing transformation and have been given new names. Cookie, the brown and white one (finally identified as female), and Muffin, the black and white one, are now being well taken care of and are slowly gaining back their weight.

"Muffin and Cookie can look forward to a happy and dignified future," reported the animal shelter on its Facebook page. "These two unbelievably brave dogs are absolutely grateful and full of so much love and happiness. It's hard to put into words how happy we are, especially with how much trust the the two of them have put in us."

But the question remains: who could have done such a thing to these poor animals? Authorities are looking for information from anyone who may have witnessed something suspicious in the area of the waste disposal site or anyone who recognizes the dogs and knows where they came from. Animal cruelty should never go unpunished!



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