Dog can smile again after facial surgery

Some people are clearly not meant to take care of animals. This sad story proves it. An animal rescuer discovered an abandoned dog wandering the streets in Texas. The animal was missing half of its nose and his mouth was torn open. The dog looked dangerous, but was wandering around confused and helpless.

The rescuer determined that the dog was called Bjarni and wasn't a stray, but rather an escaped family animal. But when he contacted the family, they said they didn't really want the dog back because of his appearance. It's unclear how he got these injuries, but they likely resulted from a fight with another dog. The rescuer was angry with the family and decided to take Bjarni to a shelter for homeless dogs.

The man contacted Anne Graber, founder of the animal protection organization "St. Francis' Angels.“ Anne recognized that Bjarni was struggling to breathe and eat properly due to his damaged nose. The shelter volunteers instantly fell in love with him, however, and described him as a cuddly dog who loved to be around people.

St. Francis' Angels affectionately cared for Bjarni and sponsored his operation. They had high hopes that he would find a family to love him as he is. He certainly deserved it.

Bjarni took his final tiresome breaths before going into his operation. The surgery included a skin transplant and the reconstruction of his nose.

When Bjarni woke up, he seem a bit perplexed: he could sniff, lick, and drink normally again! He spent quite a while in this protective collar to prevent him from scratching his scars.

But soon enough, the collar was removed and Bjarni could smile once again. All this handsome guy needed was a forever home.

But thankfully that sorted itself out as well: adopted! Bjarni quickly found a family and home of his own!

How wonderful to hear that Bjarni will be loved for who he is, especially after all he's been through.



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