Horrible: Parents adopt child, then decide to get rid of him

When Dmitri was three years old he was adopted from Russia by an American couple called Victoria and Billy Stewart. From Russia to Florida was just the first of many moves however. The family soon left the U.S. for Scotland and then after the Stewarts had biological children they appeared to regret having adopted Dmitri.

They kept him as a second-class member of the family, treating their own children in a much more loving way. According to him they were also physically violent. It’s not hard to believe, given what they did next.

Dmitri, in more and more pain, started drinking and fell in with troublemakers. 

When he turned 13, his adoptive parents contacted a woman in Chicago who was apparently interested in raising Dmitri. It wasn’t to be a legal, official agreement. The Stewarts had never met or spoken to Nicole Eason but they put the boy on a plane to the Midwest. 

What he’d left was terrible. In fact, not even one teacher or social worker in Scotland noticed that he was missing.

But what he found on his arrival in Chicago made his blood run cold. This woman lived in squalor and had only sought a child to adopt because her own children had been taken away from her. Why, you might wonder? The Stewarts certainly should have wondered.

Because she’d been involved with a pedophile.

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His new unofficial guardian refused to send him to school. Instead she bought him cigarettes and his nightmare of a childhood grew steadily worse. But then a stroke of luck: within weeks, someone anonymously alerted authorities to Dmitri’s presence there and the child was taken away.

Now at last he was placed in a foster family in Georgia where he had the chance at a real education and, finally, family who loved him.

Today Dmitri, 20, has largely recovered, built a life for himself together with his adoptive brother Andrey, and joined the fight to stop other children from being bartered online. That takes extraordinary strength, resourcefulness, and perseverance. It’s obviously a cruel, abusive practice that should be stopped. Thanks to people brave enough to speak out, like Dmitri.

There’s no doubt he’ll continue to do well. It’s impressive that he’s using such a terrible experience to do something positive, not just for himself but also to help others in similar situations!





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