Two puppies rescued before being dried out by the heat

In Frankfurt, Germany, bystanders observed a disturbing scene. A couple was trying to sell two six-week-old puppies in the street, leaving them out in the sun during the hottest part of the day. An anonymous caller reported it to the police, and soon the DLRG (German Life Saving Society) arrived to rescue the helpless pups. The tiny dogs were completely dehydrated and close to a heat stroke.

Once the dogs were feeling better, they cuddled up to their rescuers! Both puppies are now doing well and recovering in a shelter. Charges have been filed against the sellers, as well as a police investigation into forgery and violating the Animal Welfare Act!

Those poor things! How could someone be so cruel and careless? Thanks to some concerned citizens and a helpful organization they will be well taken care of from now on!


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