Man finds worm in cucumber and gets funny reaction from supermarket

Wes Metcalfe from Dinnington, UK, was more than amazed when he found a dead worm in his freshly bought cucumber. With his tongue in his cheek, he wrote a complaint to the customer service department of the supermarket chain, Tesco and the reply was prompt. Now the whole country is laughing about this exchange:

The supermarket replied shortly after:

"I won’t be able to make it on the day [of the funeral] unfortunately, though I’ve decided to compose a poem, which I hope you can read out on the day. Would that be okay?

Here goes:

An ode to William…

Although life takes funny old turns, we can all learn from William the Worm.
Let us gather, light a candle to burn, and celebrate the life of William the Worm.

Lights shine bright; let’s eat sponge cake through the night! Because there’s many a lesson to learn.
He wriggled many miles; he gave us many smiles, so we stand today confident and firm…

William will be back, very much like Arnie, though now we will all check, before we make a sarnie!

Wishing you the best

Rob - Customer Care"

Family man, Wes, and Tesco employee, Rob, engaged in jestful back and forth exchanges. Wes posted pictures of the "worm burial," while Rob composed entire songs for this unique invertebrate. About 100,000 people followed the worm story on Facebook: 

"Well Tesco Rob…what can I say, the last 48 hours have been an emotional rollercoaster. There’s been highs, there’s been lows. There’s been poetry, there’s been songs. We’ve been discovered a new genre of music.

One thing is for sure…after all this, worms or no worms I will always get my cucumbers from Tescos…a true friend!

That said don’t forget my gift card, worm funerals cost money and you don’t want me getting legal on your asses.

Rob I hope Tesco appreciate what a great customer service rep they have."

Of course cucumber fan, Wes, scored a replacement from the supermarket chain for the dinner that went terribly wrong. But there certainly hasn't been such a funny "customer complaint" in a really long time!


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