Video: Buried girl, just six hours old, rescued in India

Some children in a village in India's Jaipur district were playing in a field, when they noticed something sticking out of the sand on a nearby compost pile. A closer look revealed that they were tiny feet!

The kids quickly found some adults, who immediately began digging. A few minutes later they pulled a newborn baby out of the ground — and the incredible thing was that she was still alive!

It was a healthy baby girl only six hours old, with the umbilical cord still attached at the time she was found. In the hospital she was named "Dhartri" which means "the earth." When she's released from the hospital, she'll be sent to a state-run care center until they find a family for her. The father of the child has since been arrested and will be charged with attempted infanticide. He has confessed to the crime, saying that he was too poor to raise a daughter.

It's a terrible fact that in the poorer regions of India, female infants are often abandoned and even killed. The main reason for this is the traditional dowry (money and belongings that a woman must bring into a marriage), which most families cannot afford and consider a great burden.

But Dhartri has beaten the odds and now has a chance at life. Let's hope we hear about more happy endings like this in the future.


Daily Mail 


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