Security guard rescues five-day-old baby from plastic bag

Denis Saranzev works as a security guard at a factory in Chelyabinsk, Russia. As part of his job he patrols the property several times a day. Most often there isn't much to see and everything is quiet, but one day he heard something that caught his attention — it was the sound of a baby crying in the nearby forest.

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Denis followed the sound until he came to a ditch where he was met with a shocking sight: a tiny arm was poking out from the fallen leaves. The young man approached cautiously and moved the leaves away to reveal a closed plastic bag. When he opened the bag, he couldn't believe what he saw — it was a tiny baby girl completely covered in filth and insects... but amazingly she was still alive!

Denis immediately contacted the police and brought the infant to the hospital. Ants had already crawled deep into the ear canal of the five-day-old, but by some kind of miracle she had managed to survive.

The little girl was named Kristina and has made an astounding recovery. Her ears and eyes had suffered the most injury, but after receiving proper care they healed quickly. She soon started to gain weight and develop into a healthy baby girl.

A short while later the authorities were able to find Kristina's biological mother. Police immediately arrested 22-year-old Olesya Lukyanova who didn't even attempt to make any excuses for her horrible crime. The only thing she did claim was that she was raped, but further investigation revealed the truth: Olesya simply didn't want to take responsible for her newborn child.

Kristina's father, Andrey Shelishpanov, was soon identified. Police contacted the young man who was stunned when he heard what had happened. He had seen a news report about the little baby that had been found in the forest, but had never thought that it could be his ex-girlfriend's child.

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The young couple had only been together a few months when Olesya became pregnant. Andrey wanted to continue the relationship, have the baby and raise it together. But Olesya refused and decided instead to have an abortion — at least that's what she claimed she was going to do. After the breakup, Andrey soon met Tatyana who is now his wife.

Youtube/Телефакт Челябинск

Once Andrey had been cleared of any wrongdoing, he was allowed to visit his daughter in the hospital. A DNA test confirmed that he was the father, and he soon received permission from the authorities to take Kristina home and raise her with his wife. Olesya was sentenced to two years probation, a sentence that many people criticized as being far too lenient for such a horrendous crime.

You can find out more about Kristina's story in this video (in Russian)...

Kristina's story actually has two happy endings. For a five-day-old infant to survive such an ordeal was a miracle in itself, but then came the incredible second happy ending of finding a loving home with her father. Andrey and his wife Tatyana may not have planned on becoming parents so suddenly, but they're overjoyed to have Kristina in their lives. We wish the family all the best for the future.



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