One man steps in to save another — and ends up saving himself!

In late October 2014, Belinda Herbert noticed a bake and craft sale in a church parking lot in Kannapolis, North Carolina and persuaded her husband Don to make a quick stop. It was a decision that would change their lives as well as that of a man they were about to meet. Don wasn't interested in the sale, but as an enthusiastic gospel singer, he couldn't help but notice the loud recorded music coming from the church. His interest peaked, he decided to take a wander inside while Belinda looked around. And that's when he met Pastor Tim Jones. The two quickly struck up a conversation and upon learning of Don's music interest, Tim asked him if his singing group would take part in an upcoming revival. Don happily agreed. They exchanged contact details and went on about their days. 

Don had a history of serious medical problems and it wasn't long after meeting Tim that he was told he was in need of a heart catheterization. But there was a serious complication, which is that Don's kidneys would be damaged by the procedure and he would need a transplant.

When Belinda and Don learned that the waiting list for a kidney was three to five years, Belinda turned to Facebook in desperation. She hoped to find one of their friends who would be willing to donate a kidney to save Don's life. "I want the man I love to live a long life. I do want to grow old with him by my side," she wrote.  

Facebook/Don N Belinda Herbert

Tim and Don had only recently become friends on Facebook. When Tim read Belinda's anguished plea, he was the first to respond. He phoned Belinda and promised to help her in any way possible. What he didn't know was that this decision would also change his own fate. 

When Tim was tested to see if he could be a donor for Don, the results couldn't have been better. Not only did he have the right blood type, but the match was absolutely ideal; the odds of such a match were one in 20,000! Tim didn't hesitate to share the good news with Don and Belinda and the two new friends were soon prepared for surgery.

On March 9, 2015, during the operation to remove Tim's kidney, doctors made a worrying discovery. 

They found an aneurism which could have been deadly had it ruptured. Luckily, they were able to remove it before it could cause any problems.

When Tim awoke after surgery, he learned that his own life had very likely been saved by the procedure. 


Tim and Don both recuperated well from their operations and their lives are now inextricably bound to each other. Both men — with, of course, the excellent medical team — had saved each other from an early death.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every time you did a good deed for someone, something good in your own life immediately followed? But that's not the way life usually works. Which is what makes this gift of life even more special. Sometimes the reward is simply knowing that you have helped someone else.


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