Spooky: Family claims to see grandmother's ghost in photo

One evening while sitting with her family in the living room of their home in Melbourne, Australia, 18-year-old Dayna Lynch decided to take a photo of her father and stepmother. But when she looked at the picture she had taken, a chill ran down her spine: she could see a floating face peering into the house through the window!

Dayna's stepmom had just returned from her grandmother's funeral in Turkey and when she looked at the photo, she was certain that the face was that of her grandmother as a young woman. "She and her grandmother were incredibly close and that she could feel her presence the entire day. She knew that her grandmother was watching over her," explained Dayna.

Is the image just a reflection or an optical illusion? Dayna doesn't think so: "Besides myself, no one believed in ghosts. And that night it was fair to say that everyone believed in the paranormal after the incident. No one could sleep properly."

Would you?


Daily Mail 


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