Photo of mother co-sleeping with children goes viral

David Brinkley and his wife Alora live a quiet, happy life with their five children in Oklahoma. One day David heard the conversation his wife was having with one of her friends. They talked about their children and parenting, but there was a detail that David found so shocking that he didn't know how to react.

Instead of immediately saying something, he decided to express his opinion in a different way. While his wife was sleeping with two of their children, he took a picture, shared it on Facebook and posted a poignant message that has already been shared more than 300,000 times. You can read it below...

Despite how adorable this picture and his words may seem, a lot of people on Facebook started to comment on how dangerous it was for an adult to sleep with babies in the same bed. In the face of all this criticism, Alora decided to publish a new message on Facebook explaining that David just wanted to point out that a woman can decide what she wants to do when she is a mother and shouldn't be judged if she's not doing her children any harm.

David's words are incredible! All too often fathers leave the child-raising to the mothers and only get involved with the "fun stuff." That's why men like this are great — they respect and support their partners and commit 100% in raising their children side by side with them. Alora clearly has one of the "good ones." Hopefully more men out there will learn from David's example.


Mail Online


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