Video: Orangutan shows heartwarming reaction to burn victim

When Darci Miller and her fiancé recently visited a zoo in Indiana, they had a very touching experience with one of the animals. While looking through the glass at the orangutan compound, Darci caught the attention of an ape named Rocky. He immediately focused on her shoulder which was covered with a bandage she had received after suffering severe burns in an accident. Darci's fiancé captured the heartwarming interaction in this video...

Rocky was completely fascinated by Darci's scars and continually looked her in the eye as he pointed at her wound. His caring reaction and obvious desire to have a closer look at her burns despite the glass wall that separated them was a very moving experience for the young woman. "I am a burn survivor from 2015, it has been up and down but this particular day made me feel really good about myself," commented Darci.

Unfortunately, orangutans are currently threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their natural rainforest habitat by humans. This touching moment that a human and a primate shared will hopefully remind us all how wonderfully caring and empathetic these animals are —  and that they deserve to be protected at any cost. 




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