Because a neighbor thinks it's dangerous, his dog has to go

Dan Tillery from Watership, Michigan, was overjoyed to bring his new dog Diggy home from the pound one day. The young musician proudly posted a picture of himself with his new best friend on Facebook. He had no clue that it was the beginning of a nightmare.

The next thing he knew, police were knocking at his door. Another Facebook user had seen the picture and reported Dan. The reason? It's illegal to own a pit bull in Michigan. Since Diggy seemed to be a pit bull mix, he was identified as "dangerous" and had to go.

The police had no mercy: they took Diggy away and Dan was devastated. His dog hadn't harmed anyone. So he started researching to see if there was some loophole he could use to save Diggy. Well, there wasn't just a loophole — the whole case was probably invalid. Diggy wasn't a pit bull at all! He was an American Bulldog, which is usually classified separately, and Dan could hardly get to the police precinct fast enough to let them know.

But there was another bitter surprise awaiting him: in Michigan the police aren't actually allowed to identify a dog's breed themselves. What now?

Dan faced a long, painful slog before some authority or other would reach a final decision. In the meantime, he tried to stay optimistic and cheered himself up with happy memories of Diggy.

At last there was good news. Diggy was approved and he was coming back to his loving owner. Dan was ecstatic — the thought of life without Diggy was unbearable. And how did Diggy take it? It's not hard to see how he felt from the touching pictures of his homecoming.  

Anyone who sees these two knows they belong together! What an adorable pair. Every trace of the awful predicament they were stuck in is gone. And Diggy could hardly be more harmless and affectionate. Dan even wrote a love song for Diggy to express his relief. It's gorgeous — give it a listen: