Restaurant searched after gruesome photos go public

WARNING: This article contains images that some readers my find disturbing.

Police raided a Chinese restaurant in the northern Italian city of Padua after one of the servers took a picture in the kitchen and posted it online.

When a tourist group from Slovenia came into the restaurant and ordered the bear paws that were listed on the menu as a "Chinese delicacy," this photo was taken in the kitchen during the preparation of the meal... 

An Italian man who often ate at the restaurant was shocked when he saw the photos of the supposed "bear paws" and alerted the local authorities.

The police immediately searched the premises and found approximately 50 pounds of meat that was obviously of questionable origin. The kitchen itself was completely unhygienic and most of the food was well beyond its expiration date.

The photos were shown to a medical examiner who believes that the feet are human. The investigation is still underway.


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