Unidentifiable animal pulled from mud is only recognizable after bath

When construction workers near London entered their worksite, they made an unusual discovery: They pulled an animal from the mud that was so dirty, they weren't exactly sure what it was. Concerned, they took the totally exhausted creature to a nearby veterinarian at South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Only after the staff had bathed the animal, did they recognize what kind of animal was hidden beneath all the filth: It was a four-month-old fox cub! While it was exploring, it had fallen into groundwork at the construction site and couldn't get back up with its own strength. If the workers hadn't found the little guy, he probably would have died.

Once he was all cleaned up, the young cub looked completely changed and has resumed his foxy figure. Carers affectionately called him "Muddsey" while he was being nursed back to health before being let back into the wild. 


The Dodo


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