A broken down driver gets creative on Germany's famous Autobahn

Every driving enthusiast has probably dreamt of taking an expensive sports car for a spin on Germany's famous Autobahn, where—for the most part—how fast you drive depends on how strong your nerves are. It's not just the lack of speed limits that are different there, but there are a whole host of rules you probably never learned back in the States. So proceed with caution if you plan on fulfilling this dream!

Case in point: if your car breaks down, you need to display a red warning triangle behind your car to alert oncoming traffic that your car isn't moving. You wouldn't want it to be hit at those speeds!


Just such an incident happened to an unfortunate driver near Magdeburg, about 90 minutes west of Berlin. He pulled his car over to the shoulder, but quickly realized that he didn't have the required warning equipment. So he improvised a solution: in order to warn other drivers, he dug through his shopping bags and placed the brightest red object he could find behind his car... a bowl of red peppers!

When the police arrived and noticed his vegetable "warning," they cracked up laughing. Acting totally against stereotype, the German police turned out not only to have a great sense of humor, but when it came to enforcing the law, they went easy on the ill-prepared but creative driver and let him go without a ticket. Sometimes it pays to use your wits; as they say, necessity is the mother of invention!


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