12 photos that prove how inventive kids can be

Sometimes adults look at the games and projects kids come up with and smile at their wild ideas. But... are they really so crazy? Perhaps the problem is more that, as adults, we are drilled into seeing and doing things in the one correct way. The following kids prove that keeping your inner child alive may actually be the key to thinking outside the box. No adult would've surely come up with these 12 ingenious ideas. And what's more, they work too!

1. A hat made out of very special material...  Pokemon cards. 


2. A new way of enjoying the full movie theater experience...  without leaving your bed! 


3. This kid just came up with the perfect way to follow a car race.  


4. The perfect invention for keeping hydrated without needing to hit pause all the time.


5. I never would've come up with this trick to amplify the sound on my mobile. 


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6. During allergy season, better to just not breathe.  


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7. Mowing the lawn can actually be fun!  


8. Not very hygienic, but definitely smart.


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9. The world's most comfortable swing.


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10. You'll never have to fish out the spoon from your milk again.


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11. A simple trick for reading in the shower. Cool! (Although it looks like it might take a few practice rounds before you get it just right). 


12. If your hands get tired while you are watching movies on your mobile...  problem solved!


How do you like these kids' creative ideas? I think I'll use the last one on those days I come home tired from work and cannot muster the energy to even hold up my phone or turn on the TV. Simple, but effective!




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