A little boy writes a love letter to his girlfriend in hospital

Cole and Sherri, just 10 years old, have been together for a year. For Cole, it was love at first sight and since the fourth grade, the two kids have been inseparable. They go to each other’s places and support each other in their sporting ambitions: Sherri loves soccer, while Cole is an ace at baseball. They encourage each other by going to watch one another’s games.

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One day, during a game, Sherri tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and had to get surgery to repair it. When he found out, Cole decided to write a letter to his beloved. In his still relatively inexperienced handwriting, he wrote down the most moving words that prove his love for her.

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The letter read:

“Dear Sherri,

I’m so sorry that you broke your knee. I will miss watching you play soccer and I’m sorry that you won’t be able to play softball for a while. But I know you will heal quickly, and I will get to watch you play again soon. Although you can’t play sports, you still make my day when I get to see your beautiful smile.

God has a plan for all of us and sometimes it’s hard for us to understand why thing[s] happen to us. My dad tells me that God only allows things to happen that He knows we can handle. You are a pretty, nice, funny, and strong girl that is also a good friend. You will get through this quickly.

Please let me know how I can help during your recovery. I hope you recover fast and get well soon.

Your friend,


While Sherri was at one of her soccer practices, watching from the sidelines, Cole surprised her. As soon as she saw him, her face brightened and she started giggling. Not only did her special friend give her the letter, but also a teddy bear and a giant cookie. The joy that radiated from the little girl’s face is indescribable.

Facebook/Love What Matters

Gabriella, Sherri’s cousin, decided to post the letter on Twitter.

It has moved the users so deeply that it has been shared almost 3,000 times!

Cole wrote his girlfriend a letter full of love and wisdom:

He tells her how happy she makes him.
He helps her put things into perspective.
He gives her a positive outlook on the future.
He shows her his esteem: he believes in her strength.
He offers his help.

Looks like at the tender age of 10, this little boy already knows the important things in life. A gesture like this doesn’t cost much, but its value is priceless to its recipient. We think far too rarely of giving just for the pleasure of treating someone else to something nice. Yet, moments such as this one are the ones that brighten up our lives in every imaginable way.


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