Woman bathes in coconut oil and gets stuck in the tub

It's one of those ingredients that everyone's been talking about. It's good for your weight and your skin, you can put it in your main course, side dish, and even coffee! And of course it's great in cosmetic soaps and creams. What're we talking about?

Coconut oil.

Dầu dừa

It's beloved and trendy for good reason. It moisturizes, and even sensitive skin (and tummies) react well to it.

It turns out, however, it's possible to exaggerate with coconut oil, as an Australian woman known online as "Denshan" found out the hard way. She was stuck at home in bed with a fever and lung infection so she thought a hot bath would do her good. She wanted it to be particularly luxuriant so she poured a generous dose of coconut oil into the bathwater.

But once she'd been in long enough, she pulled the plug and as she watched the nice warm water drain away, she found she couldn't get out of the tub. Shivering and weak, she wasn't able to hoist herself up and climb over the rim because the bath was coated... with coconut oil. It was simply too slippery! Every move she made, she slid back down.

Frustrated, she reached for her phone, took a picture, and wrote a quick post online about the slippy-slidey trap she was stuck in.


"I just slide around like a giant greased up potato in a roasting dish. There is no traction. No grip. Just me and my fat body slipping around covered in oil," she wrote.

Thirty minutes of futile struggle later, she gave up, drew another bath — this time with a lot of soap — and was finally able to wash the oil down the drain. We can only assume she left the tub this time like greased lightning, asap.

Glad she made it out (with her sense of humor intact), but the silver lining is that the rest of us won't have to suffer the same fate. Go easy on the bath oil. No greased potatoes in the tub!


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